Bachelor’s thesis

ECTS credits

6 ECTS credits (C4)


Have 168 credits approved




Thematic fields

  1. Didactic of the mathematical
  2. Didactic of the social sciences
  3. Didactic of the experimental sciences
  4. Didactic of the corporal expression
  5. Didactic of the language and the literature
  6. Didactic of the musician
  7. Didactic of the visual arts
  8. Didactic of the foreign language
  9. Pedagogical aspects
  10. Psychological aspects of the education
  11. Sociological aspects of the education
  12. Education for the "emprenedoria"

Methods of assessment

Evaluation rubric of the Final Degree Project

Continuous evaluation, based on the monitoring of the following phases:

  • Definition of the theme and planning of the DFW (40%)
  • Development of the work (30%)
  • Final presentation: subjects and oral presentation (30%)